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KnowmoreHouseofCommonsKeiThe Inter-Arts Office focuses on research and development, creative development and experimentation.

We provide funding for artists to develop creative art works through interdisciplinary collaboration. A key focus has been supporting artists who are interested in exploring new artistic processes that seek to develop emerging artforms. Recent initiatives of the Inter-Arts Office have offered artists an opportunity to explore artistic research and development collaboration processes through the ArtLab program or to develop more conceptually stronger project ideas through Infuse. Over the last five years, Inter-Arts has established some successful partnerships with other boards of the Australia Council to deliver initiatives such as the Second Life Residency, ACVA Lab and Live Art initiatives.

Inter-Arts also supports artists to work with professionals from other disciplines, primarily through innovative art/science research collaborations as part of the Synapse initiative. Synapse provides funding to projects as a partner organisation for successful applications to the Australian Research Council. Also as part of Synapse, the Inter-Arts Office supports a residency program for artists to spend significant periods of time in scientific organisations and institutions to develop work in collaboration with scientists.

Artists working in this field are supported primarily through their own contacts and networks in their particular interest area. There is a strong connection between interdisciplinary artists and practice-based research programs in universities, as well as strong international links. Through Inter-Arts the Australia Council supported a  successful Sydney bid to host the 2013 ISEA (Inter-Society of Electronic Art) Symposium and Exhibition. Read more about the Inter-Arts Office

Image: Keith Armstrong and Chris Barker, Knowmore (House of Commons), 2009

Artists to enrich our future with the NBN

The Australia Council invites artists, groups and organisations to propose big ideas for exploring the cultural potential of next generation high-capacity broadband.

The Broadband Arts Initiative will support innovative arts project that are enabled by the National Broadband Network with funding of up to $100,000 each. The aim is to provide significant grants for artistic teams who have the bold ideas, technical expertise and strong partnerships for projects which demonstrate the potential of the NBN for Australian culture.

Expressions of interest are due by 15 February and funded projects will be starting from 1 May 2012. This can involve significant artistic and technical research over a year, but should result in an outstanding art outcome for the public before June 2013.

See the complete details for expressions of interest and selection criteria and you are encouraged to discuss your proposal ideas with the Australia Council.

Latest News and Projects

Dan Koop, 'Wish We Were Here', postcard from Brisbane performance, 2011, image courtesy the artist

Wish We Were Here

Artist Dan Koop will bring your special postcard message to a chosen recipient within 5 kilometers of the DJK International service booth. He performs the delivery according to your instructions, and uses social media to trace the process involving everyday people and geographies.

Josh Gardiner, Thea Baumann, Willoh S.Weiland - testing live video stream Perth to Shepparton, April 22 2011.


A series of field laboratories for sustainably creating networked arts projects in remote natural environments. with Willoh S. Weiland and collaborating artists working with science, industry and parks/heritage bodies

Virtual Native, Andrew Burrell 2011

Australian Art and Virtual Worlds

With the increased popularity of networked on-line games and social media spaces, a new type of arts practice has emerged in Australia a virtual one based both in on-line worlds and, thanks to mobile devices, the physical world around us.

Augmented Reality Intervention into Urban Spaces

With this interactive artwork participants were invited to look at the world through new eyes.

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Inter-Arts peers

The Inter-Arts Office convenes Assessment Panel Meetings with peer advisors. Inter-Arts peers rate, score and assess applications formally and provide recommendations to the Council on which applications should be approved.

We invite peers for each meeting seeking broad representation of regional knowledge, art form expertise, and experience with interdisciplinary and intercultural practices. Sign up for the Australia Council Peer Registry.