Media Art Undone

A conference panel at transmediale.07 in Berlin, on 3.2.2007

The panel 'Media Art Undone' revisited a seemingly everlasting international discussion on the definitions of media art which is bound to continue, not least on mailing lists like Spectre and CRUMB.

We here offer a full transcript of the presentations and the following discussion. (to access the texts, please, follow the links below)

The participants discussed whether it is time to let go of the label 'media art' altogether, and to strive for a re-inscription of media-based art practices into broader art discourses. They investigated the legitimation of a self-contained discourse on media art and analysed the terminology itself as well as the relations between modes of production, technology, contemporaneity, mass media and media theory. Raising questions on the current state of media art, the role of copyright and intellectual property, culture and subculture, the panel asked if the categorisations and definitions of media art and media cultural practices that used to justify their - positive and negative – discrimination, are still valid today.



The discussion that followed these presentations is documented here

Participant bios: Diedrich Diederichsen (de), Inke Arns (de), Olia Lialina (ru/de), Timothy Druckrey (us)
Moderator: Miguel Leal (pt)

Transcription: Valeska Bührer
Editors: Andreas Broeckmann, Valeska Bührer

The transcription was made possible by a cooperation with Digital Platform (Belgium).

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